Who Are We

Long term relationships
are important to us.

We are an Australian Managed Business in the Philippines who only hire the best people possible and pay them well because loyalty is important. 

When our developers learn your codes and build your systems it becomes a long term win win situation for everyone.

We Prefer Australian & UK Clients

The quality of life of our programmers is important and the timezone in the Philippines is positioned in a way that is best suited to the Australian and UK time-zones.

We have found that the best programmers here in the Philippines do not like to work at night for the USA, they would much prefer to work for us.

Being based in the Philippines means that winning and taking care of individual clients is not so easy. Agencies on the other hand can meet face to face with clients and help them a lot better than we can.

What gives us satisfaction is doing a great job, so we love working with Agencies that provide good documentation and plenty of work without the distractions of individual clients asking us things like “how do i refresh the browser” !!


A Win Win for All

You take away the pain of us dealing with client demands that distract us and we take away the headache of you chasing programmers up about technical problems.

That way we can both focus on our area of expertise better.